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EU Career profiles

Choose your EU Career

At the EU institutions, bodies and agencies you can pursue different career options according to your professional aspirations and educational background.

Match your skills to the career domains below and choose the profile that is best suited for you.

Whether you enter the EU institutions with a ‘generalist’ profile (e.g. lawyer, economist, public administration graduate) or a ‘specialist’ one (e.g. scientist, technician, financial officer, doctor, translator), you can pursue career paths that will make the most of your abilities and/or your previous work experience.

In these roles, you will be able to make a difference on major issues such as climate change, economic development, digital communication, migration or employment, just to name a few. 

Learn more about different staff categories, how to apply for vacancies and the tests you may need to pass in order to get a job with the EU institutions.

Find available vacancies on our job opportunities page.