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Auditors play a pivotal role in improving the governance and management of the European Union, ensuring that the institutions are accountable to the citizens they serve.

In their role, auditors carry out independent controls on a broad range of EU sectors and areas, check EU revenues and spending, verify compliance with laws and regulations, among many other tasks.


Job description

Auditors undertake a variety of external and internal inspections, closely supporting senior decision-makers. They perform a variety of duties including checking that EU funds are properly raised and spent; checking the legality of actions; assessing whether internal procedures are executed correctly and offering expert advice on policy implementation.

Key qualifications

You must have a good command of at least two EU languages, an appropriate degree or professional qualification for entry at grade AD 5 (entry-level for officials at administrator level) and several years’ relevant experience to join at a more senior level (grade AD 7). Key qualifications may vary so always check the specific requirements whenever a selection procedure is published.

Learn more about selection procedures and different staff categories.

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