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External Relations

External relations specialists contribute to the promotion and protection of EU interests and values in relations with third countries and intergovernmental organisations.

They foster the achievement of EU foreign policy goals, coordinating international cooperation, strengthening international security and supporting the respect for human rights. 

External Relations officer

Job description

In their role, external relations officers cooperate with national diplomatic services of EU Member States and various EU institutions to help harmonise the European Union’s external action.  

Their duties also include taking part in negotiations and in the implementation of multilateral agreements; representing the EU abroad; working closely with EU delegations and embassies; drafting political reports and briefings for decision-makers, among many others.

Key qualifications

You must have a good command of at least two EU languages, a degree in a related field for entry at grade AD 5 (the entry-level for officials at administrator level) and several years’ relevant experience to join at a more senior level (grade AD 7). Key qualifications may vary so always check the specific requirements whenever a selection procedure is published.

Learn more about selection procedures and different staff categories.

You can also find available job opportunities or consult our traineeships page.

You may find additional vacancies and traineeship opportunities on the European External Action Service (EEAS)’s website.