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Cancellation of competition EPSO/AST/154/22 (AST3) - EPSO answers your questions

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Following the cancellation of competition EPSO/AST/154/22 (AST3) – Finance, Accounting and Communication, EPSO has received several queries from candidates, as well as from other stakeholders, about the decision. Some of those are the result of misunderstandings that EPSO considers necessary and useful to clarify. This note is aimed at providing answers to the most common queries received. 

You will also find information on the cancellation of this competition in our press release of 31 March 2023: Cancellation of Competition EPSO/AST/154/22 – Assistants (AST3) | EU Careers (europa.eu)

If you do not find the information you are looking for in this note, you can always send your query to EPSO using the usual formal communication channels: Contact us | EU Careers (europa.eu)


You can also download the related pdf document.