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Epso omprövar automatiserad övervakning av proven

In September 2023, EPSO introduced automated proctoring for its online tests. EPSO is committed to providing candidates with an optimal testing experience. This innovation was in line with that goal. It aimed at removing overcomplex person and environmental checks associated with human proctored testing. In the past few weeks, many candidates have brought to our attention various technical difficulties when sitting our tests. EPSO has made all possible efforts to resolve the reported issues with the external contractor responsible for test delivery. Some improvements have been made, but not enough to be considered up to the required standards.

For that reason, EPSO is calling for a temporary time-out. This will allow us to reappraise automated proctoring and to explore other possible solutions to ensure a better candidate experience in future. This does not mean that EPSO will give up online testing and its many advantages. It means that EPSO wants to offer a testing platform that provides candidates with a steady digital experience. Our aim is for candidates to focus on the content of their tests and not on troubleshooting.

EPSO is planning to publish one more competition for Nuclear inspectors and policy officers on 19 October 2023, and then hit the pause button until the end of the year as regards the publication of open competitions. Testing will also be put on pause until EPSO considers that the right conditions exist for testing to take place. Retesting sessions for the Economics and Crisis management, migration and internal security competitions will be given priority. Dates will be confirmed as soon as possible – some rescheduling is likely. EPSO will also run the two CAST testing sessions planned for the end of this year.

We understand that this decision will disrupt, for instance, the plans of those intending to apply to the AD5 Generalist competition, which will no longer be published on 9 November 2023, as initially planned. We are mindful of how much interest this competition generated in all 27 Member States. This was not an easy decision to make. EPSO remains committed to making this happen in 2024, under the right conditions.

As usual, EPSO will continue to update its website and social media accounts with more information about its coming plans.

EPSO, 16/10/2023