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Mona (European Commission - Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs)

Picture of Mona

“I first crossed the door of a European Commission building back in 2005, as a visiting young economic policy expert from Greece. EU economic policies have been in the centre of my professional activities, and over time, working for the EU has become one of my central professional targets. I passed the EPSO competition in 2018 and now I work as an economic analyst in DG ECFIN. My main responsibility is the economic surveillance of Member-States and in particular their macroeconomic and budgetary performance and compliance with the commonly agreed rules.

Working for the European Commission is demanding but also a unique experience. It is not only the friendly and empowering work environment but also the fact that you interact and work with a diversified crowd of very competent professionals on a daily basis. It is above all the inspiration from being part of an institution that materialises the vision of peace and prosperity in Europe. It is also the motivation from working in the interest of more than 400 million people and the challenge of making the life of all of us a little bit better through our work.”