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EPSO’s Competency Framework

EPSO published its new competency framework in early 2022. This new competency framework will start being used in 2023.The Competency Framework defines the competencies that are essential to perform effectively in a given job and provides transparent information for the selection procedure, by clarifying the expected qualities that the candidates have to demonstrate during the relevant competition tests.

In this regard, since 2010, EPSO has been using a Competency Framework consisting of 8 general competencies. However, the needs of the EU institutions have evolved over time. Reviewing the Competency Framework was a prerequisite to building a diverse pool of talent that can effectively meet their needs and reflect new advances in today’s labour market.

Please keep in mind that, in addition to the general competencies, for the more specialised profiles, the EU Institutions are looking for candidates that are highly qualified in their field of expertise. Information on the field-related competencies, as well as on the tests evaluating both the general and field-related competencies, can be found in the Notice of Competition.

Check out below the general competencies and the anchors.