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Why is my score so low for my preliminary test?

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Firstly, your personal conviction as to how your test should have been evaluated is subjective and cannot replace the Selection Board's assessment. It does not constitute irrefutable evidence of manifest error committed by the Board.

Different elements can explain the score awarded by the Selection Board, which is based on the pre-established evaluation criteria and the marker's comments:

In the case of translation tests, for example, marks are deducted for:

  • Omissions
  • Mistakes in meaning, grammar, terminology, register
  • Difficulties in conveying the sense of the passage
  • Lacks the vocabulary required by the passage for translation
  • Incomplete translation
  • etc.

You should take into account that, from a legal point of view

  • The marking is generally done on an anonymous basis by qualified markers on the basis of a “marking grid”
  • Markers are given strict guidelines in terms of standards of quality
  • Marks are deducted for mistakes (translation tests)