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European Committee of the Regions: Study visits for government officials

no deadline for application
Brussels (Belgium)

The scheme is open to staff or trainees from a national, regional or local public authority of an EU Member State and may give both the CoR and the official's employing institution the opportunity to enhance collaboration and networking opportunities. Moreover, officials participating in this type of exchange scheme may have the opportunity to gain insights into the work of the CoR while at the same time developing their skills, competencies and knowledge.

Who can apply: Staff from a national, regional or local public authority of an EU member state.

Citizens from third countries (including the UK) may apply and may be selected in exceptional cases, notably if their candidature is of particular interest to the CoR and if they comply with requirements under national immigration law for residing and working legally in Belgium.

The applicant has to hold at least a Bachelor's degree (or have completed half the cycle of a Bachelor's degree deemed relevant to the CoR's work) and work in a position at a level and with content corresponding to the duties performed by EU staff within the CoR.

Excellent knowledge of French or English.

Duration: 2 to 6 months (can be extended to 12 months)

Paid: Remuneration is provided by the sending institution.

Starting Dates: at any time, upon agreement