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European Committee of the Regions: Study visits

no deadline for application
Brussels (Belgium)

Students looking to finalise their work project, or who are curious about how local and regional authorities contribute to EU legislation in fields such as Citizenship, Cohesion, Climate Change, Public Procurement and Security are welcome to apply for a short-term study visit. Study visits are an excellent opportunity to discover the geographical dimension of EU policies. Moreover, they provide the occasion to reinforce academic preparation with first-hand experience with the work of an EU consultative body.

Study visits are traineeships not remunerated by the CoR. In order to be accepted for a study visit, applicants must either:

  • provide proof of funding from another body, such as a university, a public / private body or NGO, in the form of a scholarship, grant, etc.
  • or provide proof that the study visit is an integral part of their education (for example, if the study visit is required as part of thesis research or to complete the course of studies).

Who can apply: EU citizens.

Citizens from third countries (including the UK) may apply and may be selected in exceptional cases, notably if their candidature is of particular interest to the CoR and if they comply with requirements under national immigration law for residing and working legally in Belgium.

The applicant has to hold at least a Bachelor's degree (or have completed half of a Bachelor's degree deemed relevant to the CoR's work).

Candidates with excellent knowledge of one of the EU's official languages and satisfactory knowledge of French or English.

Duration: 1 to 4 months (it may be extended to 6 months depending on the resources available)

Starting Dates: at any time, upon agreement