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Petra H. (European Commission)

“I love hearing my children communicate effortlessly and seamlessly in their three languages (French from a local school, Swedish and Spanish at home) and that they do not even stop and reflect over how wonderful it is that they can do it! We enjoy walking to the market in Place Dumon (Stockel) on a Saturday and buy the best waffles in town. Having take-away frites from the local “friterie” – everyone gets to choose their favourite sauce: mayonnaise, sauce andalouse or just ketchup (not very Belgian). La Promenade verte which stretches 60 km around the city is a wonderful place for cycling and walking. You can stop at Parc Malou and have a beer, coffee or an ice cream in the summer while the children play in the big playground. Spring arrives earlier in Brussels and summer lasts longer… who could not love that?”