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Michelle G. (Εuropean External Action Service, Strategic Communications Division)

Hi, I’m Michelle G. – I come from the tiny island of Malta. I have been working at the EEAS in the Strategic Communications Division for over a decade! Due to my academic background in communications and professional experience in video production with a local TV station in Malta, besides making part of the web team where I am responsible for the daily management of the EEAS website, providing web support to Delegations, and also writing web stories, I was initially going around the EEAS building carrying a camera and tripod for almost 5 years interviewing staff from different divisions, producing videos to allow colleagues to get to know each other and eventually moved on to planning and implementing digital campaigns. I think this is quite a great opportunity for those of you with a communications background to take the plunge and sit for this competition which will steer you directly where you wish to go!