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Maurizio, Press Officer

Maurizio is press officer in the European Parliament in Italy. He is blind and has been working for the EU institutions since 2015.
We asked him how he found the selection procedure and if he feels integrated in his team.

"The EPSO Accessibility Team was great! Everything went very well during the competition. I had my test in Brail and a personal assistant; I also had a test in an electronic version. In terms of proper job selection, it was only the interview so I didn’t really need any accommodation. I don’t feel any obstacles. I never had problems because I was disabled. If you have a positive attitude, even if people are ignorant or sceptical, if you’re keen on sharing your experience, you can break walls."

Maurizio advises other candidates with special needs to apply for an EU Career.

"I would say, it is absolutely feasible, it can be done, and you don’t need to be polyglot or a super hero! It’s just something very feasible. It takes so little of your time, that you don’t have anything to lose, and what you have to win is a very interesting career. Cost benefit analysis is definitely interesting. The only thing painful thing is the application…. But once you’ve done with it, it’s very little time and potentially a huge opportunity! Don’t be discouraged by the application!"