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Edoardo, European Commission

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“Joining the European civil service has been a challenging but rewarding path. Since I joined the Italian Naval Academy when I was 19 years old, I have been working for our seas and oceans in several different roles in the Italian administration and international institutions. 

Succeeding in the EPSO selection procedure allowed me to work in many central areas of EU policy making, from maritime safety to fisheries control, passing through marine research and international cooperation for healthy oceans. The opportunities an EU career offers are immense, in a fast-paced, stimulating, impactful, and truly international environment. 

My advice for future candidates would be to get deeply into the policy priorities of the European institutions, and prepare continuously over time, with weekly slots dedicated to study and preparation. I would also suggest engaging yourself in many different topics, as the more diverse your experience, the more chances you will have to succeed.”