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Picture of Elisa

Elisa R. (European Commission)

“What I love about Brussels is how easy it is to get around. Sure, traffic is still a problem but not compared to major European cities. Public transport is great and there are more and more biking lanes, which make it easy for people to commute to work within the city but also from outside the city. The diversity of places to live from the central trendy areas to the more family friendly residential neighbourhoods and especially the affordability of housing (compared to most European cities) makes it a great place to live. Finally, one of my family’s favourite places to go in the warmer months are the vast array of provincial domains to be found surrounding Brussels, with lots of activities for children and possibilities to swim in lakes.”

Picture of Israel

Israel J. (EEAS)

“After having lived in all five continents and in so many different countries, I can say that Brussels is a great place for living. You can chose to be close to the more urban part of the city or to its greener areas. There is definitely a part of Brussels that will fit with your personal taste. It is a safe place for living, with plenty of opportunities for families, teenagers, and pets :)”


Picture of kelly

Jack K. (European Commission)

“Brussels is a very green city and in order to enjoy it to the full, once or twice a year with family and friends we hop on our bikes and cycle the promenade verte. This 60km bike itinerary loops around the city and takes you through many of its communes on paths that pass, for the most part, through its green spaces. It’s always a fun and relaxing experience to cycle through the great trees of the Sonian forest, the landscaped 19th century park of Woluwe and the green fields and ponds of Anderlecht. At around five hours long, cycling at a leisurely pace there’s always time to stop for an ice-cream or a beer on the way.”

Reet S. (European Parliament)

“What I really like in Brussels are the murals that you find when walking through the streets. There are the typical comic-strip murals, but then there are many more, which you will discover if looking around (and not looking at your phone) :-)”

Picture of Tessa

Tessa P. (Council of the European Union)

“What I like most about Brussels is that there is room for everyone, regardless of whether you love the hustle and bustle of the city or the tranquillity of nature. For both children and adults, there is a wide range of cultural events, activities and museums to be enjoyed in the city. I especially love to stroll along the lakes in Ixelles, enjoy the large gardens that border the Cambre Abbey and go for a lovely walk in the Bois de la Cambre. Another of my favourite spots to escape the city life is the Tervuren Park, a park easily accessible by public transport and full of history, where you can either visit the Africa Museum, go hiking, cycle or just enjoy a picnic with family and friends.”

Picture of Luca Eszter

Luca Eszter K. (EEAS)

“Brussels proves to be one of the most comfortable cities to live with a family and my favourite one because of its infrastructure, kid-friendly places and all the activities it offers to all generations. It has great museums, beautiful parks, kids’ programmes across the year, not to mention all the nice festivals which offer entertainment for the whole family. Its good schools and environment will also help your child to immerse into this special multicultural atmosphere and provide them the possibility of learning several languages in the same city! Another important aspect for me is that it is fully a pet friendly place!“

Picture of Kurt

Kurt S. (European Research Executive Agency)

“The first glimpse of Brussels my family and me got took place by the Halle Gate, a fairy-tale monument which is more than 600 years old and, in fact, is the most remarkable witness of the City's medieval past. When being sportive you may decide to climb its 169 steps to enjoy Brussels’ most stunning panoramic view. Another venue we adore spending time in, is the Henry Le Bœuf Hall which offers visual harmony and acoustic quality. Did you know that it was entirely designed by Victor Horta and that its inauguration took place in October 1929? Since then it offers through its charming harmony of the scarlet velvet seats, the parquet floor, the white of the bare colonnades, a unique experience and acoustic quality recognised by music legends worldwide.”

Picture of Vera

Vera P. (European Commission)

“Having two dogs, I appreciate that Brussels is a dog-friendly city with many areas where dogs can run freely. A plus is all the green spaces around the city like Bois de La Cambre or Fôret des Soignes where you can find hiking and mountain bike paths. Also, the train network is quite good which allows us to discover Belgium cities and villages in day trips. Last but not least, the intense cultural live! There’s always something interesting happening in the city.”

Picture of Matteo

Matteo M. (European Commission)

“Brussels is a surprising city where everybody can find something that makes them feel closer to home and travel the world at the same time. I am a passionate gourmet and enjoy discovering new places and cuisines to stimulate my taste buds, be it Portuguese bacalhau, Vietnamese bo bun, Senegalese mafé, or the traditional Belgian carbonnade. As an Italian, I’m never too far away from a delicious gelato or fire-cooked pizza. It’s very difficult being homesick in Brussels when it comes to eating!”

picture of Sharon

Sharon B. (European Parliament)

“Brussels has a lot to offer. You can easily find your place and feel at home and there is always something going on. I've been living here for twelve years now, and I have to say that over the years, depending on my stage of life, Brussels has always managed to enchant me.

I love walking through the old streets, around the Sablon in the centre of the city, enjoying its market and having lunch there over the weekend. On sunny days, I enjoy the beautiful parks with my husband and my two little girls (night life is no longer compatible :) ). Finally, I am proud to be able to show around the Parlamentarium that gives a taste of what it is like to work for the European Parliament.”

Picture of Roberto

Roberto R. (European Commission)

“Among many other interesting things I love of Brussels, from a cultural to an environmental point of view, as well from a social and professional angle, what I appreciate most is the fact of having the chance (in some areas of the city, not far from down town) to live like in a village (Watermael Boitsfort) where it’s easy to meet sheep, wolves or dears, to go through a peaceful little park to reach some of the Commission’s buildings, and to have plenty of sport facilities (and opportunities) everywhere. Moreover, the offer of (sport, cultural, musical, etc) stages during school holidays is impressive.”

Petra H. (European Commission)

“I love hearing my children communicate effortlessly and seamlessly in their three languages (French from a local school, Swedish and Spanish at home) and that they do not even stop and reflect over how wonderful it is that they can do it! We enjoy walking to the market in Place Dumon (Stockel) on a Saturday and buy the best waffles in town. Having take-away frites from the local “friterie” – everyone gets to choose their favourite sauce: mayonnaise, sauce andalouse or just ketchup (not very Belgian). La Promenade verte which stretches 60 km around the city is a wonderful place for cycling and walking. You can stop at Parc Malou and have a beer, coffee or an ice cream in the summer while the children play in the big playground. Spring arrives earlier in Brussels and summer lasts longer… who could not love that?”

Picture of Luis

Luís A. (EPSO)

“I never cease to be amazed by the many green spaces available to us in Brussels. My family always enjoys spending time at the Rouge Cloître, a park that brings together young and old, and where you can go for a walk in the forest, stroll along the lakes, or sip a fragrant cup of hot chocolate in wintertime. Another of my family’s favourite spots is the Châtelain Market, where you find all kinds of fresh produce and get the feeling of being in a small village market.”

Picture of Pavlos

Pavlos M. (European Commission)

“I love cycling and Brussels provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy it, particularly in summer. From June to end of September, the best way to start my weekend is the Brussels Roller Bike Parade (Bruxelles Roller Parade) that allows you to ride around the city along with hundreds of other cyclists in a secure way, accompanied by lively music that makes it feel like a big mobile outdoor party. The Beau Vélo de RAVeL provides an additional opportunity for enjoying cycling followed by a concert during summer weekends in Brussels and Wallonia.”

Picture of Mathieu

Mathieu O. (European Commission)

“Culture has always been part of my life and in particular the theatre. I’m not even an amateur actor but I have discovered in Brussels a variety of theatres catering to all tastes. Theatre in Brussels is highly divers and multicultural and where you can see plays in French, Greek, Dutch, English, German, etc. Brussels offers also a very attractive live music scene whether it be in small intimate venues or in large, sophisticated concert halls.”

Dorthe C. (European Commission)

“One of my favourites spots in Brussels is Flagey. In addition to the lively square with its cosy market and popular cafés, Flagey has a fantastic culture house with a concert hall, which has a local and very friendly feeling, but actually offers incredible concerts with world-famous musicians.  I often long for a spot of nature away from the crowds and for that the Bois de la Cambre can be heavenly, especially early in the morning (whereas on weekend afternoons/evenings/nights, the park will be filled with sun & fun-lovers). As far as museums are concerned, the Museum of Natural Sciences with dinosaur skeletons found in Belgium is an absolute must and a guaranteed success with kids. In summer, the Coloma Rose Garden in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw in the outskirts of Brussels is a place of stunning and fragrant beauty, and I thoroughly enjoy the calm of the large park around the lovely tiny castle.”