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Assistants (AST-SC)

On this page you will find the different tests that candidates may have to pass when taking part in the Assistants (AST-SC) competition.


Reasoning skills for AST

Reasoning skills tests:

  • Verbal (assesses your ability to think logically and understand verbal, numerical information).
  • Numerical (assesses your ability to think logically and understand numerical information).
  • Abstract (assesses your ability to think logically and understand the relations between concepts involving no linguistic, spatial or numerical elements).

Reasoning skills for AST.

Language comprehension tests (AST)

The language comprehension test includes a series of 12 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), which are designed to assess your linguistic abilities in terms of vocabulary, grammar/syntax constructions and style. They are not in the field of a specific institution/agency/service. Each question is based on a scenario linked to four different answer options, only one of which is correct. Each question yields one point and wrong answers are not penalised. Candidates have 30 minutes in total at their disposal to answer to the 12 multiple-choice questions.  While the time factor is part of the assessment as well, the tests are designed in a way to allow candidates to possibly answer all questions within the allocated timeframe. Questions do not require additional knowledge and are only based on the information provided in the text.  

samples in 24 languages for AST

Drafting skills test

This practical test is designed to assess the candidates' drafting skills (particularly spelling, lexical and grammar) in their language 2, not their knowledge of the topic dealt with in their composition. Candidates will be provided with a list of different topics, from which they will need to choose only one.

They will be asked to draft a composition on the chosen topic. The test will be performed on computer and last for 30 minutes.

Role Play

During this test, the candidate plays a role in a one-to-one interaction with a role player.

The role play itself lasts around 15 – 20 minutes and allows testing several general competencies.

It consists in a meeting with the role player about the situation. The trained role player may provide additional information during the meeting, according to a semi-structured script. 

Field-related multiple choice questionnaire

The field-related multiple choice questionnaire includes a series of questions, which are designed to test the inherent competence to the duties required for the specific profile. Each question is linked to four different answer options, only one of which is correct. 

Further information is indicated in the notice of competition and in the invitation letter.

Field-related interview (secretaries)

During the interview, the candidate’s specific competencies and knowledge in the field will be thoroughly tested.

The following three general competencies will also be assessed, but without asking specific questions concerning them:

  • Analysis and problem solving
  • Communication and Resilience.