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Members of the selection board

You are reminded that the work and deliberations of all selection boards are confidential and it is forbidden for any person who is not a member of the board to make any attempt to contact a board member; only candidates exercising the rights of appeal which are open to them may (through EPSO), in writing and in accordance with the procedures set out in the General Rules governing open competitions, make their representations to the Chairperson of the selection board.


Vavrik, Peter

Ruppeka, Linda

Alternate chairperson

Saliba, Paul

Le Glaunec, Jean-Stéphane


Diget, Mette

Arras, Moonika

Birzniece, Zane

Houen, Soeren

Stolfot, Ann

Granateka, Irena

Mangan, Francis

Gotovac, Miljenko

Ogrinc, Anze

O'Finneadha, Labhras

Vukotic, Sanja

Senk, Polona

Alternate members

Schmidt, Gitte

Allik, Mihkel

Grasis, Marks

Humphries, Michael

Mallene, Meelik

Dika, IlzeHade, Sean

Miskulin, Igor

Rogovič Bičić, Tanja

Abbott, Róisín

Groselj, Aljaz

Reference number: 
EPSO/AD/348/17, EPSO/AD/349/17, EPSO/AD/350/17, EPSO/AD/351/17, EPSO/AD/352/17, EPSO/AD/353/17

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