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EU Careers Student Ambassadors Training Conference takes place in Luxembourg for the first time

Achieving our goals in promoting the EU Careers across the EU requires a wide range of communication tools and channels. EPSO relies on a network of multipliers for promoting careers in the EU institutions, most importantly the EU Careers Student Ambassadors and the EU Careers Staff Ambassadors.

The EU Careers Student Ambassadors programme is one of our flagship promotion tools, currently in 182 top universities in the 27 EU Member States. EPSO designed the programme and has been managing it since 2010. The aim is to promote EU career opportunities at selected university campuses and spread the awareness about such highly regarded professional paths.

This year, EPSO is organising the training conference for Student Ambassadors in Luxembourg city. This is thanks to very good cooperation with REA (Relations with European Academia) network, composed of colleagues from Luxembourg-based institutions and bodies. We hope this will raise the profile of Luxembourg as a great place to live and work for the EU.

REA, in cooperation with Luxembourg’s authorities, will give the students the opportunity to start their programme already on 5 October with complimentary sightseeing sessions of Luxembourg city. The network has also kindly invited Student Ambassadors to visit the EU institutions and bodies based in Luxembourg (Court of Justice of the EU, European Court of Auditors, European Parliament, European Investment Bank, European Stability Mechanism, Translation Centre/Centre de Traduction). This will give the students the opportunity to learn about the roles of and career opportunities in these organisations, and also to get a full picture on everything Luxemburg has to offer to young professionals. This will also include a visit to the University of Luxemburg to hear about UniLux’s rich offer in postgraduate programmes.

The training part of the programme (7-8 October) will take place at the Bellevue hotel. These two days will be filled with practical workshops and presentations focusing on EU Careers and EPSO competitions. We will introduce the students to what the role of an EU Careers Ambassador entails. Presentations will be given on the practicalities of EPSO’s  selection procedures, EU career paths and traineeships. Students will also meet EU Staff Ambassadors during a speed-networking session taking place on Saturday, and learn what it truly means to work in the EU institutions. Former Student Ambassadors will share useful advice with their newly-appointed counterparts on how to promote EU careers effectively.

On the second day, our guest speaker will share useful advice on public speaking and students will also learn how to manage social media accounts, for instance.

In this conference, EPSO will train some 150 Student Ambassadors out of a total of 215 students enrolled in our programme for the 2023-2024 school year.

We hope that with this extended version of the training programme we can provide the EU institutions and bodies in Luxemburg a concrete platform to promote their many  career opportunities and attract more talent to the EU in Luxembourg.

For the past 13 years, more than 300 universities took part in EPSO’s programme and around 1600 Student Ambassadors have been trained by EPSO. They give presentations, attend career events and run dedicated EU Careers social media accounts. Our Student Ambassadors manage some 500 events across Europe annually. Student Ambassadors are appointed for one academic year.

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