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Postponement of planned testing sessions to ensure adequate testing conditions (Economics competition)

EPSO was planning a new testing session for candidates of the Economics competition on 13 November 2023. In agreement with the Selection Board of the competition in question, EPSO decided to postpone this testing session in view of the fact that, currently, adequate testing conditions cannot be fully guaranteed as regards the online platform made available to EPSO by its external contractor.

This affects the following fields under the competition:

Microeconomics/macroeconomics (Administrators)

Financial economics (Administrators)

Industrial economics (Administrators)

Candidates concerned by this decision will be informed also via their formal EPSO accounts. We understand the inconvenience caused by this decision to the candidates. However, EPSO and the Selection Board wish to ensure that the best conditions possible are in place before resuming testing.

EPSO will also hold discussions with the Selection Boards of the competition for Administrators in the field of intellectual property and of the competition for Crisis management (Administrators) and Migration and internal security (Administrators). More news regarding those competitions will be published soon by EPSO.

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03/01/2024 - 15:03