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EPSO/AST/142/17 – next steps

12/04/2018: case study (in the test centres in 28 EU member states).

23/04/2018 or 24/04/2018:

  • computer-based MCQ tests (verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning and language comprehension tests) – Prometric, 3rd floor Orega Leopold, Rue du Commerce/Handelsstraat 123, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
  • proofreading and correcting test (in Brussels – EPSO, Avenue de Cortenbergh/Kortenberglaan 25, 1000 Brussels, Belgium)

From 22/05/2018 on: The other assessment centre tests (group exercise and general competency-based interview) will take place in Luxembourg.

Candidates will get separate invitation letters with full details in their EPSO account.

Information on the tests is available in the notice of competition as well as on our sample test page.

Reference number: 
EPSO/AST/142/17 - DA, EPSO/AST/142/17 - HR, EPSO/AST/142/17 - MT, EPSO/AST/142/17 - NL, EPSO/AST/142/17 - SL, EPSO/AST/142/17 - SV

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