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Consolidated version of the Call for Expressions of Interest

This message concerns the selection procedures EPSO/CAST/P/1-18/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/19-20/2018 and EPSO/CAST/P/21-22/2019.

In order to facilitate its reading and comprehension, a consolidated version of the Call for Expressions of Interest including all the corrigenda and addenda has been published.

You can find this consolidated version on each selection procedure page.

Reference number: 
EPSO/CAST/P/20/2018, EPSO/CAST/P/21/2019, EPSO/CAST/P/22/2019, EPSO/CAST/P/1/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/10/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/12/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/14/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/16/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/18/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/19/2018, EPSO/CAST/P/3/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/8/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/6/2017

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