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Communication by EPSO's Management Board

Recent developments regarding EPSO’s operations have led to different messages and comments being made public recently. The Management Board’s position is stated hereafter for clarification:

  • Institutions remain committed to a model where EU officials are selected according to competitive selection procedures carried out in full transparency and in line with the provisions of the Staff Regulations.
  • The delivery by EPSO of open competitions is suspended for technical reasons only. EPSO has been requested to resume operations as soon as possible, building on a resilient delivery system that will ensure integrity whilst improving user experience.
  • Institutions are committed to multilingualism in their daily work and in the selection procedures, in line with the provisions of the Staff Regulations and the case-law of the EU jurisdictions. EPSO has been requested to run its operations in full conformity with these principles.
  • EPSO is now assessing various recovery options. The Board expects to receive detailed information by mid-December 2023 to allow for a decision as to the way ahead.
  • Based on EPSO’s current assessment, operations are unlikely to resume before the end of the year. The Board is aware of the importance of providing a reliable calendar of competitions and will make further announcements as soon as possible.
  • In parallel to the efforts aimed at resuming operations by EPSO, some EU institutions will continue delivering their own competitions, in full transparency and in line with the provisions of the Staff Regulations.
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