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Lawyer-linguists (AD) - Court of Justice

Candidates taking part in the Lawyer-linguists (AD) - Court of Justice competition will have to pass the following tests:

  • Reasoning skills tests

For the evaluation of their language skills, they may need to pass one or more of the following language knowledge tests:

  • Translation test from language 2 to language 1
  • Translation test from language 3 to language 1
Reasoning skills for AD

Reasoning skills tests:

Ready to go one step further? Then try our long version of verbal, numerical and abstract sample tests, also in a quiz format.  You can also consult an accessible version of these sample tests.

Please note that currently, these sample tests are only available in EN, FR and DE. Learn more about EPSO’s current work on this topic here.


Translation samples - Lawyer-Linguists 

GermanEnglishSpanishFrenchItalian for Lawyer-Linguists