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What is an Assessment Centre?

The purpose of the Assessment Centre is to assess your general and/or specific competencies by means of different exercises, the content of which is validated by the selection board: a case study, an oral presentation, a structured interview, an interview in the field, an e-tray, etc. For detailed information about the tests and the test languages, see the notice of competition. Please check here for more information on the general competencies.

During each exercise, you will be observed/evaluated in a systematic way by at least 2 trained assessors. Your final results are based on the evaluation of each competency tested through the Assessment Centre exercises.

For organisational reasons, the case study may be organised in test centres in the Member States, separately from the other Assessment Centre tests.

The other Assessment Centre tests will normally be held remotely. Exceptionally, a certain part of the Assessment Centre may take place in Brussels or Luxembourg at  the address communicated in the invitation letter.