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Will EPSO reconsider its use of remotely proctored testing in future competitions?

Remotely proctored testing is here to stay. Large-scale testing providers, the ones EPSO must work with in view of the sheer number of candidates its competitions attract, are phasing out physical test centres. The latter will soon become ‘a thing of the past’ for large-scale selection procedures.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this trend. Moreover, the benefits derived from remotely proctored testing are many: online testing is faster, more flexible, in line with today’s digitalised world, ‘greener’ and more accessible to the vast majority of candidates, wherever they are. 

EPSO understands that the move to remotely proctored testing is a novelty - for us, for our stakeholders, as well as for the candidates. We are working hard, in collaboration with our external contractor, to improve the candidate experience and the related communication about the new requirements. One concrete example is our information note on core IT requirements.