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Diversity & Inclusion

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The EU values diversity as a source of enrichment, innovation, creativity and strength. A diverse, inclusive environment is one where all persons from different backgrounds receive equal opportunities, feel a sense of belonging and are appreciated for their unique contribution.

Ensuring a fair selection process to attract a diverse talent pool is only the first step.

The EU institutions, bodies and agencies are equally committed to retaining diversity and creating an inclusive workplace. They implement this ongoing commitment through a series of targeted measures. For example:

  • Policies aimed at ensuring that all EU staff members feel valued and are able to express their full potential throughout their career.
  • Policies improving work/life balance, teleworking and flexible working arrangements for all staff.
  • Training for managers and staff to address and correct workplace discrimination and harassment, bullying, divisive or inappropriate behaviour.

Learn more about Diversity & Inclusion in the EU Institutions and Bodies on this dedicated webpage.

EPSO promotes equal opportunities and diversity in its outreach activities to attract diverse talent from all EU member states. In addition, EPSO is adopting targeted communication measures such as the call for cooperation to EU diversity and inclusion organisations. EPSO launched this call in an effort to reach out to more diverse talent, broaden representation of EU diversity within its applicant pool and ultimately within the EU institutions.

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