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Administrators (AD-Generalists)

On this page you will find the different tests that candidates may have to pass when taking part in the Administrators (AD-Generalists) competition.


Reasoning skills for AD

Reasoning skills tests:

  • Verbal (assesses your ability to think logically and understand verbal, numerical information).
  • Numerical (assesses your ability to think logically and understand numerical information).
  • Abstract (assesses your ability to think logically and understand the relations between concepts involving no linguistic, spatial or numerical elements).

Reasoning skills for AD.

Situational judgment test

This test assesses your typical behaviour in a working context.

samples: EnglishFrenchGerman and scoring example 

Situational Competency Based Interview (SCBI)

An interview that aims to assess general competencies by asking the candidate how he/she would react in a specific situation.

EnglishFrench for AST
EnglishFrench for AD

Oral presentation

This is an individual test of analysis and presentation, in which the candidate is asked to give a presentation and answer questions concerning a fictitious work-related situation.

The oral presentation tests a number of competencies like: Analysis & Problem Solving, Communicating (Oral communication), Delivering Quality & Results, and Resilience.

For more detailed information, please read the Notice of Competition or Call for Expression of Interest of the selection procedure in which you take part.

 Oral presentation test

Case study (AD Generalist)

This is a computer-based test based on a relevant scenario, in which the candidate is faced with various problems that the candidate is asked to solve or to which the candidate must react, relying solely on the material provided.

The Case Study assignment assesses the written communication competency. Markers (i.e. those individuals who mark the tests) base their assessment on the specific anchors of this competency. EPSO markers are advised that grammar or spelling mistakes in themselves should not be taken into consideration in the assessment.

Case study mock test

Case study practice test


Competency based interview (CBI)

The competency-based interview is designed to evaluate a number of selected general competencies, depending on the competition and grade the candidate has applied for, as specified in the Notice of Competition.

Candidates are interviewed for about 10 minutes per competency.

The questions are structured to allow the assessors  to evaluate the candidate’s selected general competencies.

Motivational interview

This interview will test the motivation to join the EU Institutions, taking into consideration the following elements:

  • the origin of the interest to work for the EU,
  • the awareness about and commitment to EU values,
  • the understanding of present and future challenges of the EU,
  • the expectations regarding an EU career,
  • the knowledge of the EU and its origins, of the EU institutions and of the main EU policies.

It is a 20 minute structured interview by two members of the Selection Board.