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EPSO Accessibility is improving!

hands on a screen reader

We are glad to inform you that our experts are striving to improve the accessibility of both the EPSO Account and the Application Form.

Thanks to the accessibility experts from DG SANTE, EPSO 's Corporate Services unit and DIGIT, we achieved more than tangible results for visually impaired candidates when they need to create an EPSO account and want to fill in an Application form.

Here below some examples of big improvements we achieved to make our communication tools more accessible:

  •  We replaced links with buttons, so the screen reader NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) can guide candidates correctly to access the information on the screen.
  •  We added a Sliding Captcha provided by Webtools (instead of the previous Captcha code) to further make their lives easier.
  •  We included a new feature to ensure that the screen reader speaks out the correct information when candidates arrive at the field of gender, to allow them to select in a more agile way the radio button that corresponds to their realities. 
  •  We removed the 'read-only' forms field, as the screen reader was not able to interact with them.
  •  We removed tables that were only used for the design of the screens to not get the user overloaded with unusable information(screen reader announced them).

The purpose of this exercise is to ensure compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

We will continue our efforts and we are already looking into more improvements concerning our digital accessibility: stay tuned!​