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Situational competency-based interview (SCBI)

By clicking on the button(s) below, you can find the assignment for the “Situational competency-based interview (SCBI)” that is part of the remote Assessment centre for the competition(s) in reference.

This assignment describes the working situation to which the Situational Competency Based Interview (SCBI) will refer to. We invite you to consult and read the online assignment in order to prepare for the exercise.

The situation described in the assignment will be discussed during the interview and additional situations, not based on the assignment, will also be included.

On the day of your interview, you may consult the notes prepared in advance during your interview. However, you cannot record your interview or take further notes. Also, please note that there will be no preparation time on the day of the interview.

The SCBI takes place remotely using a videoconferencing tool. 

For details about all tests included in a specific selection procedure, please check the relevant Notice of Competition or Call for Expression of Interest.

Reference number: 
EPSO/AST/148/21 - EL, EPSO/AST/148/21 - ES, EPSO/AST/148/21 - ET, EPSO/AST/148/21 - GA, EPSO/AST/148/21 - IT, EPSO/AST/148/21 - PT