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Corporate computers and online tests


Many of us use corporate computers for tasks unrelated to work.

For that reason, many candidates to EPSO’s competitions could expect to be able to use their corporate computers to sit EPSO’s online selection tests, known as remotely proctored tests. However, that is often not the case. 

These tests require a third party – an external contractor – to take control of your computer while you take the test. Among other things, this prevents candidates from browsing the internet or running applications outside the remit of the tests.

In the digital environment of EPSO’s institutional clients (i.e. the EU institutions that EPSO serves), as well as of other corporate stakeholders, there are multiple layers of IT security applied to corporate computers, including laptops.

In order to enable online selection tests to run on a corporate computer, multiple security controls would have to be disabled, relaxed or changed by an authorised administrator. This also applies to computers made available to staff of EPSO’s institutional clients (e.g. the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and others).

Understandably, EPSO’s institutional clients, including other corporate stakeholders, must ensure that the risks to their digital environment are reduced to a minimum. 

To learn more about the security constraints involved, read EPSO’s detailed information note (only available in EN).