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Competition for Administrators in the fields of Crisis management and Migration and internal security re-opened

Selection tests now available in all 24 EU official languages

Do you have experience in the fields of crisis management or migration and internal security? Would you like to start an international career within a multicultural and diverse team? If the answer is yes, you have another chance to apply for the competition for Administrators in the fields of Crisis management and Migration and internal security.

In the framework of open competition EPSO/AD/403/23, the online testing held on 9-11 October 2023 encountered serious technical issues. As a result, a high number of candidates were unable to sit the tests under appropriate conditions or to complete them. This led to a pause in testing for all competitions, including the suspension of this competition, while EPSO started looking for alternative options for a better test delivery system.

The identified solution entails online exam-taking with automated proctoring, but under different testing modalities. To ensure that all candidates are treated equally, the testing phase will be re-opened, requiring all candidates, including those who previously completed the tests, to undergo testing anew. This has been communicated to existing candidates in writing.

Consequently, as decided by the competition’s Selection Board, the test events conducted on 9, 10, and 11 October 2023 are annulled. Candidates’ performance records and/or test scripts resulting from these test events will not undergo full processing, and no individual test results will be generated.

The competition is now open to both existing candidates and new candidates interested in applying.

This presents an opportunity to align the EPSO/AD/403/23 competition with a full “24-language regime”, enabling current and potential new candidates to freely select any two of the 24 EU official languages for testing. As part of this alignment, adjustments will include replacing the case study with a written test focusing on written communication skills, assessed under a specific set of new anchors.

  • Candidates who have already submitted applications must review and revalidate them to continue participating in this competition. They will have the opportunity to reconsider their test language choices and to add new information to their applications, as relevant. Further information has been provided individually to such candidates via their EPSO Accounts.

For information on the precise amendments to the initial Notice of competition EPSO/AD/403/23, please refer to the Notice amending the notice of open competition – EPSO/AD/403/23.

Upon successful completion of the competition, the candidates will be recruited as administrators (grade AD7)  in the fields of Crisis management and Migration and internal security.

Once on a reserve list, successful candidates may be contacted by the recruiting services of the EU institutions and bodies interested in their profile, for targeted recruitment interviews. Such interviews, and any other related procedures, are outside the selection process conducted by EPSO. Recruitment interviews are conducted by the relevant recruiting services usually in English and/or French. Other languages may also be used during the interviews, based on the needs of the recruiting services and the knowledge expressed by candidates in their applications.

The main tasks of recruited administrators will vary depending on the chosen field. Please note that you may only apply for one of the fields below:

  • Field 1 – Crisis management: Successful candidates in this field will: contribute to EU crisis management policy and mechanisms, draft legislation, and oversee legislative procedures; support strategic foresight and situational awareness of disasters and crises, develop prevention policies and preparedness actions, and aid in risk identification and assessment; contribute to addressing consular crises affecting EU citizens in third countries, draft strategic documents, reports, and policy briefs, and support meetings and expert groupings; coordinate with various services, Member States, and crisis centers, develop communication and information management tools, and engage in public communication and engagement with key stakeholders; contribute to raising awareness of crisis management structures and mechanisms.
  • Field 2 – Migration and internal security: Successful candidates in this field will: coordinate actors involved in implementing EU migration, asylum, and internal security policies; provide policy advice, analysis, and reporting on migration and internal security, including monitoring irregular migration flows and data collections; shape migration-management support and internal security policies, participate in legislative initiatives and negotiations, and ensure sustainable and effective migration management systems; assist in coordinating operational, policy, funding, and legal issues related to migration and internal security, handle crisis situations, and draft communications; support senior management and political visits, liaise with international organisations and NGOs, oversee EU budget implementation and project evaluation, and contribute to the Border Management and Visa InstrumentIntegrated Border Management FundAsylum, Migration and Integration Fund, and Internal Security Fund.

The specific duties that successful candidates can expect to perform are outlined in the Notice of Competition and may vary depending on the EU institutions where they will be recruited.

As an employer, the institutions and agencies of the EU offer a community of expertise with a wide range of opportunities to broaden your personal and professional development. The multicultural, international and diverse teams that make up the institutions work together to benefit the lives of approximately 450 million EU citizens and beyond. Respect for cultural diversity and promotion of equal opportunities are founding principles of the EU. You can find out more about EPSO’s equal opportunities policy on this dedicated page.

Do you have what it takes?

To apply, you must be an EU national and enjoy the full rights of an EU citizen.

You must have a thorough knowledge of one EU official language and a satisfactory knowledge of a different EU official language.

You must also have:

  • a university degree of at least 4 years, followed by at least 6 years of relevant professional experience - or a university degree of at least 3 years, followed by at least 7 years of relevant professional experience.

For detailed information on requirements, please read the Notice of Competition and its amending notice on the apply page below.

The new application period opens on 28 May 2024 and ends on 9 July 2024, at 12.00 (midday), Brussels time.