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New CAST-Permanent selection procedures

We are happy to inform you that our Contract Agent selection tests (known in our jargon as ‘CAST-Permanent’ or simply as ‘CAST-P’), will go ahead as planned in April 2023.

If you have been invited (shortlisted) by one of the recruiting services of the EU institutions EPSO works for, you will be contacted soon via your EPSO account.

Read all about the novelties via our special landing page.

Reference number: 
EPSO/CAST/P/2/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/3/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/4/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/5/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/6/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/7/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/8/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/9/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/10/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/11/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/12/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/13/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/14/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/15/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/17/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/18/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/19/2018, EPSO/CAST/P/20/2018, EPSO/CAST/P/21/2019, EPSO/CAST/P/22/2019, EPSO/CAST/P/23/2022, EPSO/CAST/P/24/2022, EPSO/CAST/P/25/2022, EPSO/CAST/P/1/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/16/2017

15.05.2023 - 09:08