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Wie gewährleisten wir die Gleichbehandlung der Bewerber/innen und die Unparteilichkeit des Prüfungsausschusses bei Auswahlverfahren?

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Each selection procedure has its own Selection Board to select the best candidates on the basis of qualifications and competencies defined in the competition notice. Selection Boards are made up of officials from the EU Institutions, and EPSO makes every effort to ensure balance in terms of gender, linguistic capacity, staff vs administration representation and institution size. A Chairperson assisted by one or several Vice-Chairs leads the work of the Board. All tasks related to the assessment of candidates during the selection procedure are covered by the secrecy of the Board proceedings and reflected in the final Competency Passport provided to the candidate for the sake of transparency.

EPSO places great importance on equality and makes every effort to respect equal opportunities, treatment and access for all its applicants, as follows:

  • The overarching principle that guides the work of the Selection Board is the principle of impartiality. For example, no direct hierarchical link or no direct family relationship may exist between a Selection Board member and the candidate s/he assesses. Nevertheless, the existence of a past or even current professional relationship of a more distant nature by itself does not automatically exclude the possibility of assessment.
  • Both Selection Board members and candidates are required to declare any possible conflict of interest to EPSO so this can be taken into account and potential adjustments made accordingly.
  • The Selection Board follows the pre-established eligibility, selection and assessment criteria set out in the Notice of Competition. These criteria are carefully and consistently documented, adopted and applied.
  • Extensive training, coaching and supervision of Board Members as well as regular review meetings ensure a harmonised assessment approach

EPSO carries out systematic quality controls and statistical analyses to monitor and eliminate any possible bias in the assessment of the candidates.