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Upravni uslužbenci na področju prometa AD 7 Bruselj (Belgija), Strasbourg (Francija), Luxembourg (Luksemburg) Stalni funkcionar 05/10/2023


You will find below the planned publication schedule for EPSO competitions for the period October to December 2023.

Nuclear Inspectors & Policy Officers - AD7                                                         19 October

Administrators - Generalists - AD5                                                                      9 November

Statistics and Data - AD6                                                                                    23 November

Macroeconomic statistics - AD7                                                                          23 November

Financial management, Accounting and treasury, Public procurement - AST3   14 December 


We also invite you to visit our webpage Open for application where you can consult a selection of EU job opportunities.

You can learn more about EPSO’s simpler, leaner and more accessible competition model on our website.