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Publication of CAST-P results with a slight delay

EPSO is working hard to publish the results of the latest CAST-P exams. If you took part in this recent testing session, rest assured that your results will be published soon and at the latest by Friday, 6 October.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Reference number: 
EPSO/CAST/P/1/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/2/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/3/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/4/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/5/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/6/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/7/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/8/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/9/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/10/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/11/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/12/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/13/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/14/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/15/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/16/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/17/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/18/2017, EPSO/CAST/P/19/2018, EPSO/CAST/P/20/2018, EPSO/CAST/P/21/2019, EPSO/CAST/P/22/2019, EPSO/CAST/P/23/2022, EPSO/CAST/P/24/2022, EPSO/CAST/P/25/2022, EPSO/CAST/P/26/2023, EPSO/CAST/P/27/2023, EPSO/CAST/P/28/2023, EPSO/CAST/P/29/2023, EPSO/CAST/P/30/2023, EPSO/CAST/P/31/2023, EPSO/CAST/P/32/2023, EPSO/CAST/P/33/2023, EPSO/CAST/P/34/2023, EPSO/CAST/P/35/2023

Date de mise à jour
06/10/2023 - 15:02