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Diversity, inclusion and equality

Colleagues with a disability and of different backgrounds

Promoting inclusion, equality and diversity are central to the European Union’s mission. In order to uphold these values the EU aims to attract a diverse and inclusive workforce.

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) actively strives to increase the diversity of the institutions’ talent pool to ensure that the EU civil service is fully representative of the citizens it serves.

Embedded in EU legislation is non-discrimination on any grounds such as gender, race, colour, ethnic origin, socio-economic background, language, religion or belief, nationality, birth, disability, age, sexual orientation or any other characteristic.

In its selection procedures, EPSO strives to offer equal opportunities and access to all applicants to ensure that they get the same chance to demonstrate their skills and compete on an equal basis.

EPSO is committed to identifying and removing any blocking factors such as disability, potential bias or risk of discrimination.

The ongoing engagement of the EU institutions, bodies and agencies to diversity and inclusion extends to the workplace where each individual is valued and respected and diversity is recognised as a source of enrichment and innovation.

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