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How to apply for a job once I am on the reserve list?

Check your EPSO account regularly, as institutions can upload vacancies, related to the competition(s) in which you have been successful, at any time and there may only be a limited application period. You will not be notified automatically when new vacancies have been published.  

When institutions publish vacancies, the “Show vacancies“ button will appear on the Applications’ overview page under the relevant competition in your EPSO account. 

You can apply for these vacancies until your reserve list expires. 

If applying for a vacancy please ensure that you are eligible (ex. if the post is at AST3 level, but you are on an AST1 reserve list then you are not eligible), that your CV is up-to-date and that you mention the relevant competition in your cover letter

If you have any questions about your eligibility, or any other details relating to the vacancy or the recruitment procedure, please contact the recruiting service using the contact details in the vacancy notice. 

Please send your application to the recruiting institution only and not to EPSO as all recruitment is handled by the institutions directly. 

If quotas are applied to your reserve list, you may not have access to vacant posts until the quotas have been lifted. 

You may be invited for an interview by several institutions (for reserve lists open to multiple institutions).

For practical reasons, candidates may also undergo a medical examination before any decision on appointment is taken.

You have the right to refuse any offer, but there is no guarantee of another offer before the reserve list expires. 

For more information please see also: How do the institutions recruit from EPSO lists?