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What additional procedures should I expect if I am recruited in the European Commission on a post where I would handle sensitive and classified information?

In accordance with Article 10(2) of Commission Decision 2015/444 [1], all European Commission staff handling sensitive and classified information requiring a high degree of confidentiality (‘EU classified’ information) must have the appropriate level of security authorisation (‘EU SECRET’).

Given that the Commission regularly handles sensitive and classified information requiring a high degree of confidentiality, it is in the interest of the service that those staff members whose duties require them to have access to sensitive and classified information have the appropriate security clearance to the relevant level (‘EU SECRET’).

Consequently, successful candidates in a competition may be asked, as a pre-requisite for recruitment to certain posts in the European Commission, to submit themselves to the security clearance procedure laid down in the Decision. Such a pre-requisite will be clearly indicated in the vacancy notice for the post concerned. Successful candidates shall be prepared to undergo this clearance procedure.

The security clearance procedure is carried out by the national competent authority in the Member State of the candidates’ nationality. The procedure may vary considerably between Member States. Applicants are advised to inform themselves about the procedure before submitting their competition application.

[1] Commission Decision (EU, Euratom) 2015/444 of 13 March 2015 on the security rules for protecting EU classified information (OJ L 72, 17.3.2015, p. 53).