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EPSO’s testing standards under the new competition model

EPSO’s new competition model makes intensive use of online computer-based testing, namely multiple-choice questionnaires (e.g. reasoning skills tests, EU knowledge and other field-related tests, digital skills tests) and written tests, including translation and linguistic revision exercises.

The table below contains indicative information as regards the number of items and the duration of tests for the two main types of competitions organised by EPSO, Generalist and Specialist. Please note that, in some cases, small variations are possible, in line with the specific needs of the EU institutions and bodies that EPSO works for.

To become more familiar with EPSO’s selection tests, please visit our dedicated webpage.


Test/ActivityNumber of test itemsTest duration in minutes
Generalist competitionsSpecialist competitions
Verbal (V), Numerical (N) and Abstract (A) skills

V: 20

N: 10

A: 10

40 items

65 min.65 min.
Case studyNot applicable45 min.45 min.
Written TestNot applicable40 min.40 min.
EU knowledge30 items40 min.Not applicable
Field-related Multiple Choice Questionnaire30 items

Not applicable

(see EU knowledge)

40 min.
Digital skills42 items30 min.Not applicable