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VIPTechJob, the job platform for visually impaired people, connected again to EPSO’s ‘open for application’ webpage

VIPTechJob was created following the realisation that blind and visually impaired people have a hard time seeking jobs online. VIPTechJob enables users to share and view content related to job opportunities in an accessible way. However, despite focusing on blind or visually impaired people, VIPTechJob also provides access to users in general.

EPSO was present at the very beginning of the project and supported VIPTechJob by ensuring a link between our ‘open for application’ webpage and this platform. Due to changes to, and the evolution of EPSO’s website this connection was lost for a while. Now we are connected again, making sure that blind and visually impaired people can continue to have easier access to information about EPSO competitions and other EU job opportunities published on our website. It is one of the many ways EPSO strives to be more accessible to candidates with a disability. 

VIPTechJob is a project with funding by the European Commission.

Find out more about VIPTechJob here: Job Search Page – VIPTechJob – Web App

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09/10/2023 - 18:09