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Ako prijímajú inštitúcie zamestnancov zo zoznamov EPSO?

As job opportunities arise, the institutions check the profiles of the successful candidates in the 'reserve list' to identify those who best match their needs (for example, in terms of education, professional experience and language skills).

The institutions may also choose to publish available vacancies to successful candidates of relevant selection procedures via their EPSO account.

You should upload and regularly update your CV, preferably in the Europass format (via the 'upload CV' tab).

You may be invited by several institutions or services for an interview (for reserve lists open to multiple institutions).

For practical reasons, candidates may also undergo a medical examination before any decision is taken on appointment.

You have the right to refuse any offer, but there is no guarantee of another offer before the reserve list expires. 

According to the Staff Regulations, officials already working within the institutions must be considered before successful candidates on a reserve list.

The number of staff employed by the EU institutions is proportional to their size and functions.