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Transition to remotely proctored testing for all EPSO competitions is a strategic choice endorsed by its Management Board (EPSO’s interinstitutional governing body). Our objective is to be faster and more modern, while contributing to the EU’s ‘green policy’ and ensuring cost efficiency. This is an evolutionary development bringing EPSO in line with current international standards for large-scale staff selection procedures.

EPSO understands that remotely proctored testing is new to many people. We want to make sure that all candidates can become familiar with the way remotely proctored testing works in practice. For that reason we have created a number of public notes aimed at giving you as much information and guidance as possible, before you even apply to our selection procedures and are invited to test.

EPSO information and guidance notes:

Candidates invited to remotely proctored testing will receive more specific instructions from EPSO with their invitations.