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English, Spanish, Lithuanian, Dutch, Portuguese and Slovak language lawyer-linguists

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Are you a multilingual lawyer, interested in pursuing an international career?

The EU is looking for highly qualified English, Spanish, Lithuanian, Dutch, Portuguese and Slovak language lawyer-linguists. Recruited officials (grade AD 7) will work at the Court of Justice of the EU, based in Luxembourg. This notice covers six competitions. A candidate may only apply to one of them.

As a lawyer-linguist, you will translate complex legal texts (judgments of the Court of Justice and the General Court, Opinions of the Advocates General, written pleadings of the parties, etc.) into the language of the relevant competition, from at least two of the other official languages of the European Union, as well as reviewing such translations, and providing legal analysis in cooperation with the Registries and the other departments of the Court of Justice. Your work will involve the use of standard IT and other office-technology tools.

As an employer, the institutions and agencies of the EU offer a community of expertise with a wide range of opportunities to broaden your personal and professional development. The multicultural, international and diverse teams that make up the institutions work together to benefit the lives of approximately 450 million EU citizens and beyond.

Respect for cultural diversity and promotion of equal opportunities are founding principles of the EU, and the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) endeavours to ensure equal opportunities and access to all candidates. You can find out more about our equal opportunities policy and how to request specific adjustments for selection tests on our dedicated page.

Do you have what it takes?

  • To apply for this position, you must be an EU citizen and know at least three official EU languages: perfect knowledge of Language 1 (language of the competition), thorough knowledge of French (Language 2) and thorough knowledge of Language 3 (one of the 24 official EU languages - different from Language 1 and Language 2).
  • You must also have:
  • For English-language lawyer-linguists (competition EPSO/AD/404/23):
    • a university degree in law or its equivalent awarded in the Republic of Ireland or a qualification as a barrister or solicitor in the Republic of Ireland (for UK-delivered legal qualifications, please refer to the Notice of Competition, namely section 3.3. Specific conditions — qualifications and work experience (paragraph 1), on the role of the Selection Board & ANNEX II - EXAMPLES OF MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS).
  • For Spanish-language lawyer-linguists (competition EPSO/AD/405/23):
    • one of the following university degrees in Spanish law: Licenciatura en Derecho or Grado en Derecho.
  • For Lithuanian-language lawyer-linguists (competition EPSO/AD/406/23):
    • completed university studies attested by one of the following qualifications in Lithuanian law: aukštasis universitetinis teisinis išsilavinimas – teisės bakalauro kvalifikacinis laipsnis arba teisės magistro kvalifikacinis laipsnis, įgytas turint teisės bakalauro kvalifikacinį laipsnį, arba teisininko profesinis kvalifikacinis laipsnis (vienpakopis teisinis universitetinis išsilavinimas).
  • For Dutch-language lawyer-linguists (competition EPSO/AD/407/23):
    • completed university studies attested by one of the following qualifications in Belgian or Dutch law and in Dutch language: Voltooide juridische studie, afgesloten met een diploma Nederlands recht (doctorandus of master) of Belgisch recht (licentiaat of master, afgegeven door een Nederlandstalige rechtenfaculteit). Ook een bachelor Nederlands of Belgisch recht, gevolgd door een master internationaal of Europees recht, zal worden aanvaard.
  • For Portuguese-language lawyer-linguists (competition EPSO/AD/408/23):
    • a university degree in Portuguese law: um curso superior sancionado por um diploma de ‘Licenciatura em Direito’ atribuído por uma universidade portuguesa.
  • For Slovak-language lawyer-linguists (competition EPSO/AD/409/23):
    • completed university studies attested by the following qualifications in Slovak law: Vysokoškolské štúdium v oblasti slovenského práva ukončené diplomom z odboru právo (magister, mgr.), ktorý umožňuje pokračovať v doktorandskom študijnom programe.
  • In principle, no working experience is required. However, in cases where a candidate’s required educational qualifications correspond to completed university studies of 3 years only, they should also have subsequently obtained relevant professional experience of at least one year.

For detailed information on requirements, please read the Notice of Competition on our apply page below.

The application period opens on 14 September 2023 and ends on 17 October 2023, at 12:00 (Luxembourg time).