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How do I reschedule my CAST Permanent computer-based tests?

Question categories:

During the booking and testing periods you can reschedule your multiple-choice question test appointment, subject to availability and under the following conditions:

  • you should first wait until the original booking confirmation uploads in your EPSO account (normally within 24 hours of booking) as it contains the link, the confirmation number and the code you will need in order to reschedule the appointment;
  • you can reschedule your original appointment up to the day before;
  • you can only choose a new appointment within the same testing period and from the appointments shown in the system;
  • you must complete the rescheduling procedure to the very last screen, failing which your original appointment will remain valid;

Exceptional circumstances

In exceptional circumstances, such as a serious illness, birth of a child, death of a spouse, child, parent, or sibling, EPSO may authorise rescheduling, subject to availability.

You should contact EPSO without delay, with your candidate number and all relevant documentary evidence, for example a medical certificate, which has to obligatorily cover the appointment date.

You cannot request rescheduling (including for exceptional circumstances) from one testing period to another. You may only be re-invited to book a test in another testing period if you are pre-selected again by any recruiting service.

You will be informed as soon as a decision has been taken; please note however that only duly substantiated exceptional circumstances as detailed above will be taken into account.