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What are the rules of conduct at the computer-based tests centres?

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Anyone failing to respect the following rules of conduct may be excluded from the test centre and the rest of the selection procedure.

You must follow the Prometric Testing Center Regulations (also available at the test centre on the day of the tests) and all instructions given by the test centre staff.

Each test session is invigilated and videotaped. In order to ensure a secure testing environment, invigilators perform regular walk-throughs whilst candidates are taking the tests.

Food and drinks are allowed only in the waiting room/area but not in the test room. No refreshments are provided at the test centres.

You must complete the tests without any aids or equipment other than those provided at the test centre.  

All prohibited items (for example watches, paper and pen, books, notes, instructions, briefcases, bags, calculators, computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras etc.) must be switched-off (for any items which produce sound) and left in the lockers provided. For some translation tests (where specifically mentioned in the Notice of competition), candidates are allowed to bring their own dictionaries. Please see the specific FAQ "Can I bring my dictionaries for translation tests?".

You may be required to remove your glasses for close visual inspection. 

Jewellery other than wedding and engagement rings is prohibited in the testing room.

Any clothing or jewellery items allowed to be worn in the test room must remain on your person at all times. Removed clothing or jewellery items must be stored in your locker.

Neither Prometric nor EPSO can accept any responsibility for loss or damage to property that is brought into the test centre.

As pregnant candidates are exempt from the security scan, you should inform Prometric staff should you not wish to be subject to this check.

It is strictly forbidden to copy or record in any manner test content or to make it publicly available. All content remains the property of EPSO.

Smoking is strictly forbidden at the test centre.

You should not talk in the test room. If you require any assistance, please alert an invigilator by raising your hand.

Any rude, abusive, derogatory or threatening behaviour towards staff or other candidates will not be tolerated and may lead to your exclusion from the competition.