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How is EPSO planning to deal with the dysfunctions it observed during this competition?

EPSO investigated thoroughly all the complaints, questions and remarks received via the formal communication channels placed at the disposal of candidates. 

EPSO acknowledged that there were accumulated issues as regards the implementation of the remotely proctored testing for this specific competition: technical incidents; confusion about how and where to get help; long waiting times; and some of the proctors did not always behave in line with agreed protocols, among others. All of this is solvable. Improvements have already been made and will continue to be made.

This was not our first remotely proctored testing experience. We have already for some time conducted this type of testing on a smaller scale in a satisfactory way. Our experience, for instance, with competition EPSO/AST/155/22 (AST3) – Operational & Technical Security, and Occupational Health & Safety, has shown, concretely, that it is also possible to run a large-scale competition successfully with remotely proctored testing. In fact, this competition registered a lower number of complaints than the average for all EPSO competitions.